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Jessica Alba was told she "wasn't Caucasian enough to play the leading lady" by Hollywood

Entertainment By Mathew Rodriguez [& Sara Delgado]3044 views
Jessica Alba was told she "wasn't Caucasian enough to play the leading lady" by Hollywood


Exceprt from Mic.com

Jessica Alba may have starred in films like Sin City and the original Fantastic Four franchise, but something stood in the way of her getting more lead roles: her ethnicity. 

In an interview with PopSugar, Alba confessed that at the beginning of her career, her skin color made it harder for her to go up for leading roles against other Latina and white actresses. 

"They couldn't figure out my ethnicity. I would always go out for 'exotic,'" Alba said. Alba grew up with her father's Mexican-American family. "They were like, 'You're not Latin enough to play a Latina, and you're not Caucasian enough to play the leading lady, so you're going to be the "exotic" one.' Whatever that was."

"I was more determined to be a leading lady to show that girls can look like me, and we can be leading ladies." 



As a Latina in Hollywood, Alba faces more than just skin color bias. In both 2015 and 2016, almost no Hollywood films were Latino-led

On the other hand, as a light-skinned Latina in Hollywood, Alba probably gets more opportunities than darker-skinned women. While bias against Latinas is a problem, colorism in Hollywood also means light-skinned actresses get preference over dark-skinned ones, as was the case when Afro-Latina Zoe Saldana was cast as dark-skinned Nina Simone and made everyone uncomfortable. 

[Which, even though we love our Afro-Dominican and Puerto Rican actress Zoe, is not cool. Its never ok to white-wash historic figures like the lovely Nina.

Vamos Hollywood, don't take away important roles from our dark skinned hermanas.]




[At the same time, es importante recordar que even though Alba's career has been more successful than most and even though her skin color is lighter than many, that doesn't mean that the inherent racism and discrimination of Hollywood doesn’t affect her or the rest of latinxs with lighter skin. We all feel it. Discrimination is discrimination and no-one should feel "not Caucasian enough" to play a leading lady.

With examples like Frida Kahlo, Dolores Huerta and Sonia Sotomayor we know there isn't anything inherently "caucasian" about being a "leading lady."]


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