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Brazilian Model Barbie Ferreira Speaks on Learning to LOVE her Curves

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Brazilian Model Barbie Ferreira Speaks on Learning to LOVE her Curves



Excerpt from Latina.

From her groundbreaking unretouched campaign for aerie to her body-positive activism, 19-year-old "curve model" Barbie Ferreira knows how to be seen and heard. [Barbie recently told Latina] about her journey as a curve model, how her Brazilian upbringing influenced her confidence and why young Latinas need to stop holding themselves to impossible beauty standards.

[When asked about how being a Latina influenced her life, Ferreira responded with an uplifting quote about hard work and family:]

My culture influences everything I do. I’m Brazilian, and I grew up with a single mom, a wild grandma and my aunt. I saw my mom jump through every hoop under the sun to allow me these opportunities. She immigrated here, with my entire family, only a couple of years before I was born. We came from literally nothing, and she worked her butt off to get me everything I ever wanted. Her independence, motivation and sensitivity are so important to me. I grew up with such a strong support system that I was never made to feel unattractive or not good enough.

[Not that she ever should; Barbie es bellisima!]

[And how does the young woman feel about the progression and success of her career as a "curve model"?]

It has its ups and downs, definitely. I feel like every 19-year-old girl feels similar to me. I just make sure I am super aware of why I'm feeling this way and why its illogical. It helps me bounce back quickly.

[Now, if only we could all be so logical!]

[Unlike so many other celebrities and models, Ferreira is known for "keeping it real" on social media.  So How does she find the courage to be herself so publicly?]

I think people, especially young people, are over-seeing such blatantly edited pictures and obviously tactful social media presences. Being myself allows me to express myself in my own way and not in the way people think will get as many followers as possible. 

[and Finally]

What advice do you have for young Latinas still learning to love their bodies?

"Stop feeding into the social media and Hollywood bullsh*t about having the 'perfect' curves or face.

All of these standards are wildly crazy, and, in a few years, we're going to look back and laugh. Cartoonish-looking bodies are completely OK if an adult made the decision to do it, but to show that to so many young girls and tell them that this is natural and what's sexy makes me uneasy."

"Be aware that these people spend thousands of dollars to look a certain way with Photoshop, makeup, treatments … so much of it has nothing to do with genetics — stop being hard on yourself."

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