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Mexico May Not Be Paying For The Wall - But Guess Who's Building It?

Culture & Community By Olivia Cristina5276 views
Mexico May Not Be Paying For The Wall - But Guess Who's Building It?

Mexico may not be paying for the wall, but it is Mexican hands that are currently reinforcing the border between Ciudad Juarez and Sunland Park, New Mexico.

The laborers are children of Mexican immigrants or Mexican immigrants themselves who have become citizens. They belong to different contracted companies and communicate with each other mainly in Spanish.

"Hay que comer y pagar biles," says one worker, a US citizen of Mexican descent. "It's one more job, someone has to do it."

Santiago Andazola is a 20-year-old wall worker from El Paso, Texas whose mother is American-born, while his father is from Juarez.  This young latino is frustrated by the situation, especially as he builds it into a reality in his own hands, but he believes that these are national politics, beyond his reach.  So far, he says, "The wall does not separate me from my people, both from the United States and Mexico." 

So far.  The border fence continues to be reinforced.  According to the US Dept. of Customs and Border Protection, the wall will eventually measure 15 feet tall, solid steel, built by men whose parents, or who themselves, were born on the other side.